Dear Holly

Dear Holly,

I might not be able to hold you in my arms yet, but I love you more than you could fathom. I loved you from the moment I found out that I would one day get to welcome you into the world.

The day I found out, the secret was written all over my face and in my answer to “want to grab drinks later?” I was going to expload trying to keep that secret for more than 10 minutes. I couldn’t contain my excitement about you! You should have seen your father’s excitement when I told him the news! His face lit up so quickly and he instantly owned a look of pride, pride in you.

Holly Grace, we love every second of you. I am no longer Miranda Gibson, I’m your mom, and that’s the best title I could ever wear. From the bottom of my heart (which you get real close to kicking) thank you for being ours.

I promise to protect you and to love you unconditionally. You will always be mine, and I will always support your dreams. Also, I can’t wait until you are old enough to help me sneak Ulta bags into the house so your father doesn’t see. However, please, I’m begging you, stay my little girl. Don’t grow up too fast on me.

I can’t wait to kiss your little hands and feet. The same ones that keep finding themselves in my ribs and pushing on my bladder. I can’t wait to tell you how you already played games with us before you took your first breath. Games such as kick and freeze! You would kick so much until a hand was placed on my tummy to feel you wiggle around, then would freeze abruptly as if that was our thing and it wasn’t meant to be shared.

We love you so much, sweet girl. We can’t wait to meet you in a couple months!


Mom & Dad


Perfect Phases

On and off I find myself in what I consider the “perfect phase.” In this time I soak up every second and cherish the way it leaves me feeling.

Life is so inconsistent. It could even be categorized as beautiful chaos. So what is a “perfect phase” and why is it important? It’s a time frame in your life that leaves you feeling content. Sometimes, even more than just content. I best describe it as the feeling where you step into Julie Andrews shoes as she has her arms stretched wide singing “The Sound of Music.” In that moment you are breathing fresh air, feeling a cool breeze, and you are smiling that goofy grin that is unfiltered and genuine. Some might even say it’s similar to that first taste of Pumpkin Spice in Fall.

How many people were able to relate through that last sentence?

Perfect phases come and go. Life around you will either build you up or attempt to drag you down. We all know that. How you handle both phases, is extremely important. Don’t throw your hands up in defeat when a challenge arises (unless you are surrendering it all to Him), rather throw your arms outward and smile knowing that another perfect phase is right around the corner.

I (along with everyone else) have suffered my fair share in life. From heartbreak, sickness, and miscellaneous obstacles. In those times I felt as if the world was against me. I felt as if the struggle was becoming a part of my routine. The biggest problem of all? The way I handled the chaos. I would feel defeated and give-in to this “victim” state of mind. However, in hindsight, I realize that in those times I should have given myself the benefit-of-the-doubt with how much strength I was capable of.

The victim mindset is a dangerously enticing place to fall. I encourage everyone to believe that their strength greatly outweighs their struggle. Don’t let the downfall of a negative phase keep you from looking forward with excitement for the next “perfect phase” which will bring you peace and joy.

I’m currently in a perfect phase of life. I’m soaking up the overwhelming amount of love that I feel. My relationships with others are quickly becoming deeper, and far more important. With the expected arrival of our daughter Holly, we can’t help but to feel a new gratitude towards life and all of those that have made an impact in it. So as things remain calm and full of excitement, I will revel in it. I however, also plan to revel in the chaos, because I do realize that my life is about to be filled with beautiful chaos and a LOT of sleep deprivation.

Remain the Victor, not the Victim, and revel in the perfect phases alongside the chaos.



Crying over Airheads… Anyone Else?

I stood on the candy isle at Walgreens fighting back tears, because I thought they were out of Airheads.

You guys…

I have had such a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy, and really nothing quite out of the norm has occurred other than well… carrying a tiny person?? That’s not really my day to day “norm.”

The one thing I would say is an obvious pregnancy “side effect” would be my insatiable need for tart candy. Also, my reaction to places that run out of what I want.  Apparently I have a quick reaction of devastation to any let-down regarding food. If my husband comes home with the wrong Sonic drink, it’s a level of disappointment equivalent to losing a hundred dollar bill. It’s comical really.

Can any other expectant/previously expectant mothers relate to me on this?

Also, did any other moms-to-be experience greater laughter while pregnant??
I’ve noticed that some hormonal spikes cause me to become very giggly.

I have been so fortunate to have an enjoyable pregnancy. Did I get sick in the beginning? A little, yes. However, I was so thrilled about being pregnant, that it didn’t phase me. Did I have restless nights where I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t get more sleep? Absolutely, but I was still beyond grateful to be carrying our sweet little girl.

Truthfully, the mindset I have kept that “no matter what, everything is going to turn out great” has really kept me going strong throughout the twists and turns pregnancy presents.

Plus, we tried for eight months to get pregnant, so when I found out we were expecting, no negative side effect could bring me down.

I will say that, it’s tough dealing with the emotions that come along with expecting a child. You are scared, excited, nervous, and unsure. Trying to balance out all of your thoughts can be overwhelming. Also, trying to make sure every move you make is safe for the baby, can be EXTREMELY exhausting. When you get stressed out and you just want to take a break away from things, it’s not the same. You can’t grab a drink with a friend, you can’t let the stress take over, and you can’t give up.

You truly can’t understand the struggle and excitement that happens on this journey, until you are walking it.

With that being said, I am SO blown away by all of the strong women out there that give up so much for the health, safety, and happiness of their family.

Keep going strong, mommas.


Do What You Love

I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to be, but without giving it a name until now.

It started at a young age when I decided my first big business (I plotted it out with my sister). Our business was going to take off in the local area. We had it made, and would soon be “rich!”

Our First Business:

Welcome to Miranda & McKenzie’s Uplifting Post-It notes for only $.25 a pop! We spent an afternoon sneakily writing notes on bright colored Post-Its. Were they professional? In our eyes. Were they legible? Not at all.

While Mom and Dad thought we were out playing, we were WORKING. We took those Post-It notes door-to-door selling them like wildfire. We were officially “rich.” Until we got back home with an unexplainable amount of quarters. My mom questioned where the profits came from and when we explained our work ethic and income, she decided to shut the business down due to it allegedly being illegal. A.K.A Mom said no. We were told to give a full refund to each customer, but we quickly realized a big mistake we made… no invoices. Who gave us this money?! We were too ashamed to admit our system failed us so we left a giant pile of quarters on one lucky neighbors front porch welcome mat.

Which brings me to now…

Over the next several years that entrepreneurship heart began to form and fuel itself and I had many business ideas. From the very moment I was able to get a job, I got several. I LOVE work. I love the challenge and I love the reward. I don’t want the reward without the challenge to be honest. I was always conspiring a new way to make money from home or on the side of my time-for-money jobs.

Many of you who have met me or watched me over the years have seen that follow me all the way into my 20’s. Now the ideas are becoming well-rounded and full of potential.

So.. do I own a business? Yes, in fact I own two. I run a photography business (MG Graphics) that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years as my clientele has expanded around the state and outside! That’s not all… I also own a business selling hair care (Monat) that has completely reshaped the way I feel about myself just by giving me the hair I’ve always envied and an opportunity to meet so many new, incredible people and make an impact on their lives through those products and their experience.

Is that all I do? Not at all. I also do the following:

  • Promotional modeling for brands and companies all over the world
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Vlogging
  • Graphic design services (web design, flyers, apparel & decor)
  • Advertisements
  • I work for

I also have managed to find several ways to make passive income in the midst of all of these business avenues.

I am an entrepreneur and I was made for it. I’ll fail a thousand times to win once and I’ll be so proud of that win.

This being said, if you ever want to vent about the up’s and down’s of the process or if you want to celebrate together on a big win, I’m here! I’ll understand.

Get out there and be your own BOSS! You were made for great things.


Miranda Gibson


Skinny Tan

First Trimester Truth

What in the world?!

How did you guys do that to me? How did you convince me that pregnancy is a cake walk? HOW! So many ladies out there, glowing their way through pregnancy and I’m over here like… are you sure my body is supposed to be doing that?!

Let me explain…

All of you beautiful, vibrant mommas and mommas-to-be posting your gorgeous, smiling, pregnant belly pictures… You look fantastic! You make pregnancy look like it doesn’t come with the negative side effects. So let me just put it out there that, I do feel beautiful for the sole fact that inside of me, our child is forming. THAT makes me feel beautiful. Now… here’s what I didn’t see coming and shield yourself if you don’t want the nitty-gritty inside scoop…

Just a couple things that aren’t beautiful:

  • GAS. Oh my gosh go away. What is this, I had one saltine cracker and I’m winning contests against my husbands best.
  • Hair… Like… everywhere. I can shave 5,000 times a day and new hair growth instantly pops back up. Am I challenging reverse evolution theory over here??
  • Looking like you took a buffet line as a personal challenge, because you’re pregnant belly resembles that of an epic FOOD baby.
  • MMMM… That foods smells good… *takes a bite*… gets sick…. YEP. Welcome to the world of your food working against you.
  • Prenatal vitamins.. if you have tried them, you know why this is on the list. JUST YUCK. I even purchased the “best ones.”
  • FATIGUE. Not just “I’m tired, because I’m bored” fatigue, but “I haven’t slept in 70 years and I’m in my 20’s” fatigue.
  • Suddenly every. single. product. is an enemy. I’ve had someone smack food out of my hand going “NO, the baby!! You can’t have that!!!” I’m like calm down Susan it’s a carrot.

Excited to get pregnant yet? Honestly, you should be excited when the time comes. I keep thinking “I’d do this a thousand times over for you to come out healthy and have a good life.”

Seeing those ultrasound images of our little one and hearing that heartbeat. I’d do anything for that little heartbeat. I’m already proud of my baby and I haven’t even seen that sweet face yet.

Pregnancy is beautiful, just be prepared to go through the phases. They’re a roller coaster of excitement, fear, and pure joy!

I’ll be sure to bring you along with me on this journey! I can’t wait to introduce you to “Baby Gibson” who in a matter of weeks will have a gender reveal!


Miranda Gibson


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To All of My Anxious, Outgoing, Friends

You thrive off of successful social experiences. You know, the experiences that leave you feeling like you are on top of the social world, easily communicating with everyone and showing off that confidence? Yet, the next moment you find yourself wanting to be alone and recharge your “social battery,” because you are so chock-full of anxiety from the busy day.

Why is this?

There is unarguably a personality type known as the outgoing-introvert. No, you may not be shy, but social experiences can still wipe you out. You love a night out with friends, dancing and talking with everyone in the bar, yet you don’t want this as often as your friends who (very fortunately) don’t face the challenges of anxiety.

Anxiety is frequently confused with shyness. Which is understandable, but a misconception. There are anxiety filled shy people. I am not one. I have always been an open book, ready to welcome anyone in. Regrettably, I hit a bump in the road that caused me to close up for a few years, but you better believe I busted out of that “funk” and I’m ready to conquer the social world once again.

Anxiety is often caused by low serotonin levels and over-stimulation. It can cause you to question your every movement. I battle anxiety daily. I have my outstanding days where the world can’t even attempt to bring me down…. then I have my down days where I need positive reinforcement and time to recuperate.

Trying to convince the world that you are as confident as you feel, while showing signs of anxiety, is very difficult. Stop trying to prove it. Let people say what they are going to, and know that you are more than their perception of you.

TIPS for Quick Anxiety Release:

  • Tell yourself “STOP!” as soon as you catch yourself over-thinking a situation.
    • Your mind will trick you into an anxiety ridden state as you try to break down every little detail of a conversation or decision.
  • Turn the situation around and see if it puts your mind at ease.
    • Meaning, instead of thinking “oh my goodness, they probably think I’m so annoying or that I am just flat-out weird” tell yourself, “I handled that so well, I’m such an easy person to talk to.”
  • Remind yourself that you are in control. 
    • Your brain is your best tool and biggest enemy. Awesome right? You can use that noggin to make some great achievements and then your noggin can go, “okay you are doing too well, time to make you question everything and stress out.” Which is just so great… My absolute, hands-down, favorite quote says it well… “Change your thoughts, and you will change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale. You can decide to be in control at any point, you just have to change your thoughts, move your outlook until it becomes positive and encouraging.
  • Just say “Fuck it” and move on.
    • Sorry, had to throw it in there. It makes me laugh, which helps!! Laughter is a therapeutic approach to letting go of your worries. I practice saying this daily. No, I don’t think it’s an easy thing to let go of your anxiety, but telling yourself this phrase and pushing forward a big smile can instantly improve the situation.
  • Drop anyone, and anything that makes you unhappy. SERIOUSLY.
    • Drop the fake friends that make you anxious, because you have to try so hard to feel comfortable around them. Let them go. They may not be bad people, but they aren’t your people.
    • Say buh-bye to a job that makes you doubt yourself. You can find a place that uplifts you and gives you a sense of purpose. If you can’t quit your job right away, start seeking out better opportunities.
    • Do you have items that you hold on to from the past? Items such as momentos from old relationships, or pictures from a bad time in your life? LET THEM GO. They are only going to cause you to feel anxious and sad about something that is behind you.

Anxiety is a battle that unfortunately, not many understand. The vast majority of society wants to stick you into a box and label you as shy, weird, insecure, or socially awkward. The truth is they love to do that for their own benefit. That just convinces them that they are above you, which is inaccurate.

You decide your worth, not others. Don’t let people tell you who you are. YOU decide your success and your story. When someone tells you that you are shy, just say my favorite phrase and know that you are more than their opinion.

Now get out there you anxious-badass. You’ve got this.



What it’s like to be a “Promo Girl”

As I write this post today I sit here spraying whipped cream in my mouth thinking about how I should really try to keep my body in shape if I want to continue promotional modeling…

Many of you have probably come across a promotional model in your time and you weren’t even aware that the person handing out samples; standing by a big truck; pouring shots of whiskey; or catering hors d’oeuvres, is actually an independently contracted promotional model. Well… now you know and it’s actually a very enticing career path! It may not be my full time job, but it is something I will continue.

A promotional model “promo girl/boy” is someone who is requested by a brand either straight by the brand or through an agency to promote a certain product or brand as a whole. I have gone both ways. You are hired on to promote a brand with enthusiasm, kindness, and well.. a little hotness. Each brand provides an outfit of some sort as well as a preference of hair and makeup appearance.

Promotional modeling is NOT an easy thing to get in to. As an independent contractor you have to be self-driven and ambitious. The jobs won’t come running to you until you prove yourself. Luckily, I figured out a way to call attention to myself enough that an agency picked me up (comment below if you want to know my tip to getting noticed quickly). Soon after that it became two agencies… now I’m officially signed on with five agencies and several brands.

Why should you consider promotional modeling? You will make so many connections with people all over the world. You will make good friends and you can influence others around you positively. You get paid to attend big events, and you get to feel like a celebrity for a few hours at a time as kids and adults come up to you requesting pictures with you. Some people will just snap creeper pictures of you too so you’ve got to be alright with a lot of pictures and attention. If you get stressed or overwhelmed in hectic social situations, promotional modeling is not for you. I worked PBR Mowdown with the events sponsoring brand Bad Boy Mowers. I was a “Bad Boy Promo Girl” and I had to wear cowgirl boots, denim jeans, and a fitted Bad Boy Mowers top, which I might add is EXTREMELY cute. They will have them for sale soon if not already!

Do I have to be GiGi Hadid to be a promo girl? Heck no. Do you have to be Bella Hadid to be a world renowned model? Heck no. Just be proud to be you and strut it!! Do I personally want to try my skill at print modeling or fashion? I will give it a try, yes. Although, it may not be that big of an interest to turn into a career…

What is the pay like? It varies within agencies and brands. Pay goes anywhere between $15-75 per hour. Some events will pay you a flat rate of anywhere between $50-1,000+ as well. It’s all in what brand and how long you will be promoting.

Here are some images from PBR Mowdown (Professional Bull Riding) last night. This will give you a good idea as to what the event looks like.

Notice those fancy yellow tags on us? That allows us to be down with the action in the arena! The best part about this particular experience was that Bad Boy Mowers was so kind and accommodating towards us. They checked to see how the night was going, and they made us feel like we could enjoy watching the event just as much as we could enjoy working it. We had a blast!!

As I wrap up this post I want to emphasize the importance of trying new things. Do what sounds fun to you! That’s how I got on this path. Just leap right into it with confidence and you’ll make something great of it.

If you have any questions at all regarding promotional modeling and how to find jobs, comment below! I’m all about community over competition, let’s help each other out!